Standing at 4500SqFt CrossFit HX5 is  one of the largest CrossFit centres in Halifax, West Yorkshire. CrossFit HX5 is based just outside of Elland, between Halifax and Huddersfield. Open 6 days per week, we offer a variety of CrossFit, strength and conditioning training for everyone.
Our experienced coach Rob will ensure you get fit, make friends and have fun! Group classes will run every day and there will also be one to one, team and VIP training.


A Little Bit About CrossFit...


High Intensity
As much as we might want to avoid it, it’s intensity that makes gains possible. Don’t worry, though – what intensity will look like for you is different than what it will look like for someone else. We start everyone at an appropriate level suited to them and then you progress from there.


Constantly Varied
One of the fun things is that it’s constantly changing. You’ll never do the same workout twice in a row, so you can kiss ‘monotony’ good-bye. We keep your body guessing, and keep you adapting.


Functional Movements
Everything you will do is meant to simulate the kinds of movements that everyday life requires. We do exercises that are natural, such as squat, lift, throw, pull, push. Back to basics and very effective.



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