What is CrossFit?

We believe at CrossFit that it is better be good at everything, rather than just being great at one thing. Therefore we aim to improve all 10 elements of "fitness."


The aim is to be prepare our athletes for anything that life or their chosen sport may throw at them. Helping them to overcome any challenges. 

​You may think CrossFit is extreme but all  movements are universally scalable therefore if you cannot do something there are similar alternative that can substitute that movement until you have developed the skill / technique or improved strength to achieve this.

CrossFit is for everyone who wants to work hard and achieve something, whether this is sports performance, working in difficult environments (Military, Police, Fire, Paramedic) or you just want to increase your general fitness. Along with CrossFit training of course your body composition will change, losing fat and building muscle will just come with the territory.  

If body composition is at the top of your list of priorities, CrossFit will work. As humans we "adapt," therefore we need to create an uncomfortable environment for your body to "adapt" too. With CrossFit varied program it is hard for your body to adapt to a set stimulus therefore you will always be progressing and challenging yourself.  

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